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Snow Time

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

So there is finally snow on the mountains. I have been waiting since Feb/March for this. It is been raining every single day lately, which has been miserable, but it has finally paid off. Crystal is opening on Thursday and right now it has 35 inches of snow at the base. Oh yes, and it is expected to snow more by the time Dennis, I and company head out on Saturday. It will probably be crowded, but there is enough mountain for all.

Also in recent events, Dave Goodell is now married. I was busy being in the wedding as a groomsman, so I didn’t take any pictures, but here are some pictures that Ben Bernard took with a camera that is pretty much identical to mine. I took a slice of them and put them up in my gallery as well because Ben was nice enough to share.

Here is my board. I think I have the 156cm version, it is a little long for my short self, but it was a rocking good deal and it is so soft and park oriented anyway, I don’t notice the size. See you on the slopes!
My Atomic Hatchet Snowboard

Da Bears

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

What happened to my bears? They somehow, after all these years, manage to have a healthy QB who can get the job done. For as long as I can remember, when the bears were behind, they would run and screen pass to “3 and out” every drive. We might pick up another 3 or 6 points on field goals, but definately not through the air, an certainly not in the endzone.

Rex Grossman

We are now the only NFC team that is still undefeated. We are now +6 in turnovers (up +2 from last game with 2 interceptions by Ricky Manning). We’ve only given up 29 points in 4 games, including a shutout of favre in green bay. But we all knew that the Bears were Defensive machines. The surprise is the Offence. I think it is too soon to think that Rex will be a franchise QB, but it sure sounds nice.

Also, to top the day out, we won our final regular season kickball game to put us at a whopping 3-2-1. That last game was a nail biter. At the bottom of the last inning we were up 6-5 with 2 on and 2 away with the go-ahead runner at 2nd. I was pitching and had a pretty solid day. It was a bunt and I was able to hop on it and make the out by tagging the runner on the way to first.

Boo ya.