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Snow Time

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

So there is finally snow on the mountains. I have been waiting since Feb/March for this. It is been raining every single day lately, which has been miserable, but it has finally paid off. Crystal is opening on Thursday and right now it has 35 inches of snow at the base. Oh yes, and it is expected to snow more by the time Dennis, I and company head out on Saturday. It will probably be crowded, but there is enough mountain for all.

Also in recent events, Dave Goodell is now married. I was busy being in the wedding as a groomsman, so I didn’t take any pictures, but here are some pictures that Ben Bernard took with a camera that is pretty much identical to mine. I took a slice of them and put them up in my gallery as well because Ben was nice enough to share.

Here is my board. I think I have the 156cm version, it is a little long for my short self, but it was a rocking good deal and it is so soft and park oriented anyway, I don’t notice the size. See you on the slopes!
My Atomic Hatchet Snowboard