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Archive for February, 2010

Monterey CCCX Race

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Place 7th
Category: 5
Race: Monterey CCCX
Teammates: None
Field Size: 35
Conditions: Drizzling before the race, but nice during

Lots of strong people out today and many I’ve never met before. The
hills were way more punishing than they looked on the topo map, but
they were still rollers at the end of the day and the pack didn’t
really break up on them. We did spit people out the back for the
first 3 laps until there was like 15-20 left to stick it out.

I just sat in most of the time and kept out the wind. I don’t think
people understood there was a crosswind on each of the climbs because
I seemed to be the only one stacked up on a diagonal. I figured that
I’d have that advantage at least at the end.

I made 3 mistakes in this race that took me off the podium. The first
was a big attack I dropped at the end of the 2nd to last lap. Did a
bunch of work with no result. The next is that I let an attack go
halfway through the last lap and didn’t go with when I had the option.
The last was to do a bunch of chasing of the 2 guys off the front near
the end of the last lap. I figured some of the other teams would do
some chasing, but they were happy to set up for 3rd. Lame!

Race stats:
time: 1:16:39
avg speed: 21.6 mph
elevation gain: 1700ft
distance: 25.5 miles
CTL: 50.8
TSB: -5

2010 Cantua Creek Road Race

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Awesome race today. We brought the whole team out. Unfortunately,
the whole team is 3 riders each in different categories so no team work for me. Came away
with 2nd place.

Pace was so slow after the first descent of the race. I attacked just
to mix it up. Everyone else was also looking for a reason to go hard,
so the chase was immediate. Will attacked next. I had made friends
with Will when we were in a chase group at Patterson. He had one guy
go with and I slow rolled at the front hoping to bridge later and they got a little gap, but
were still caught quickly.

Will and I waited for a few more attacks and then attacked again together, but that
was also shut down. We came back to the first climb and the pace was
a little fast but I don’t think anyone was getting dropped. On the
way back out Will had attacked with another guy and they were off the
front for a little while. I put in a big effort and bridged to the
group and we started working.

The other guy with Will cracked pretty quickly and it was
just the 2 of us, which I was good with because I knew Will and I
could work together and if the cat 5 pack couldn’t get a chase
organized, we’d be good. Unfortunately, Will spent a lot of time off
the front earlier and said he was going to drop back to the pack.
Also, the pack had finally organized a chase so we sat up.

When we got caught, the pack decided to leave us in the front going
like 18mph. I was just doing like 140W and chilling, but no one would
pass me. Totally bizarre. Eventually I got into like 12th spot and
waited and recovered for the next 15 miles to the hilltop finish.

Finish was pretty good for me. As soon as the road started going out,
the front group sorted itself out and everyone else went backwards.
Everyone went hard on the first half of the climb and I made sure I
had a wheel as the pace was around 20mph. Then the road dips down and
gets fast and then the last 1km is all uphill with a nice 1km marker
to give you a heads up. Had a good lead out wheel from someone going
too hard that I wanted to hold till the 200m mark, but one guy was off
the front by like 30m. So at 400m I chased after him at VO2max, then
sprinted the last 200m, but didn’t catch him.

Apparently all the top 6 placers in each category get t-shirts except
for cat 5. No love for the cat 5 racers. One more race to go before
moving to cat 4.

Race stats:
time: 2:04:20
avg speed: 22.8 mph
elevation gain: 1400ft mostly in rollers
climbs: 2x300ft
distance: 47.34 miles
CTL: 47
TSB: 16
result: 2nd

mint alert 2

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Fremont Crit 5

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Decent 7th place finish.

The whole fan base for team Palantir came out today!

Sat in the whole race and did pretty much zero work the whole time.
On the third to last lap one guy behind me got squeezed out on the
outside and went over the curb and crashed pretty bad. We came around
the last lap and the sprint before the sprint was pretty chill and I
made it into the 10 man group without much trouble. After people went
hard too early I waited and was about to sprint, but one of the guys
who blew up almost took out my front wheel and I wasn’t able to take
off and get into the top 5 like I expected. At least I saved my skin.

After the race I talked with Annie and apparently Dan hadn’t shown up
in the last 2 laps. I’m a pretty terrible teammate because I didn’t
know he was missing. They were worried he got caught up in the crash
so I went for another lap looking for him. Apparently he had flatted
and was chilling at the start/finish line. whew!

Photo Album:

Race stats:
time: 36:34
avg speed: 24.6 mph
elevation gain: negligible
distance: 15.1 miles
CTL: 51.9
TSB: -5
result: 7th

Tylösand chaise

Monday, February 1st, 2010