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Patterson Road Race

Took 4th in my first official race!

Race started off pretty slowly and a guy went off the front and hung
out there for a while. One guy bridged up and I also bridged up and
we got to work. The guy who started the attack was really strong and
we were working well. Before the main climb on the course we had 2
minutes on the pack and they weren’t chasing.

As the climb began the other 2 guys I was with pulled away and I just
kept it at threshold. Two super strong climbers had jumped way off
the pack and and caught us at the top of the hill. 3 guys formed up
as the lead group and I formed a chase group with 1 other guy. We
chased for the next 15 miles and kept seeing them ahead of us as we
got around turns, but were never closer than a minute. I was pretty
happy that the 2-man group I was in was able to not get caught and
almost catch the lead group of 3. The rider I was with cramped up at
the 1km mark when the last little climb kicked up and I finished in
4th place.

Race stats:
avg speed = 20.8 mph
time 1:59:19
dist 41.6 mi
total gain: 2565 ft
CTL: 49.4
TSB: -0.9
result: 4th

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