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Archive for March, 2008

Have you seen me lately

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

So I’ve been working nonstop for the past couple months with a nice break for Christmas and I’m really happy with the current state of the product I’ve been working on. We just released 1.4 and I get weekends back for a while. I even went hiking last weekend, got a haircut and played some disc golf.

Palantir is having another recruiting event, this time in Palo Alto. We will be showing off 1.4 and I think people will really be impressed.

Palo Alto event

After the 1.4 release, I got out a little to do some hiking with Steve. Here are the pictures when we went to mission peak.

Mission Peak

Fire at my apartment complex

Friday, March 7th, 2008

So Robin and I wake up to a really loud bang at like 4:30 in the morning. We’re like WTF, but we aren’t really that freaked out, then there is a frantic knock on the door. When we look at the apartment across the hall from us, the door is open and the whole place is filled with smoke. Robin put on a robe, I grabbed the cat and threw her in her carrier and we ran downstairs.

On my left in the parking area bellow the apartment across the hall there was a car on fire. The whole hood was completely engulfed in flames and they were hitting the ceiling of the parking area. At this point I put the cat in the car and then moved the car to another spot (I thought everything was all burning down).

I really really thought about running in and grabbing my camera; it wasn’t really that out of control yet, and it was currently localized to the other apartment. Sadly, i didn’t get my camera and take really awesome pictures. What I do have for you is some crappy camera phone pics that don’t do the whole ordeal justice. It was pretty exciting and the fire looked like it was out, then restarted from what looks like the adjacent apartment by going through the wall.

The best picture is the top one. You can see my kitchen window on the right side of the picture with the lights on and our neighbors’ place with smoke pouring out. Note that this was taken when the fire was pretty much put out already.

First news link I found covering the fire.
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Robin’s recount of the incident