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Archive for July, 2007

Camera in the shop

Monday, July 30th, 2007

So normally, i use a big gallery update as a reason to put something here, but my camera is in the shop. After 25000 pictures my shutter release button became unusable. UPS said that Nikon signed for it on Wednesday the 25th, so I am waiting to hear what the damage is. I figure it will run about $250. Sightly better than buying a brand new D80 ($900) or a D200 ($1500). I’ll stick with my 6 Megapixels for a while. I recently got a free poster print offer from for a 16×20 and it came out just fine with my current resolution. I could have probably used 10MP of resolution for a print that large, but whatever.

I have shot JPG for a while and been great with it, but I am thinking of giving RAW a try. I never did give it a real chance, because there aren’t that many RAW workflow tools for Linux. I have recently broke down and bought a windows laptop from Dell, so I will test some raw programs out and see what they can offer and get back to you on that.

Life in California is good. I saw Transformers yesterday and it rocked as I had heard. I will pick it up in HD-DVD as soon as it comes out. One nice thing about not working at amazon, is that when I go to at work, I am actually logged into my buying amazon account instead of my testing account.

My Gallery is now more discoverable

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

I have added a new feature to my gallery where you can view the rated photos in any sub-album. By default the Rating module will only show you the top rated items across the gallery. I thought this was dumb, so I added the sub-album feature and a “View Rated Items” link on each album page. For example here are all the rated items (3 or higher) from the most recent 4th of July.

Penske Truck rental == good; Anytime relocation == BAD; Friends == very good

Monday, July 16th, 2007

As it turned out, the movers did show up on Saturday, but it was 12:30 before they got there, which puts them just over 27 hours late). It seems that if you are Anytime Relocation, you can show up anytime you like. I had already reserved a rental truck at Penske (which was a great customer experience) as a back up plan. It turns out that the movers that showed up were mad style shady and didn’t have paperwork that is federally required, so eventually I sent them home. They were still promising that I would get my stuff on Sunday (it was 2pm on Saturday before they got sent home and when I drove down with only 6 hours of sleep I made it into town at 8pm). The driver was talking about seeing his kids and being on the road for 6 months and “driving strait through me” on the way home and that I would surely get my stuff on Sunday. After I told them to go home due to shadyness, the driver was talking about hitting up downtown Seattle and going partying. I am pretty sure his original plan was the same, only partying with my stuff.

So I picked up the truck and called a crew of my friends who showed up in no time. I got the truck back at around 3 or so and I was on the road by 6 with all my junk. For the record Katherine, Nick, Ben, Buffalo, Keith and Dennis get promoted to BFF.

I have a few pictures of the trip out. After we got into town, things started settling down and we had 4th of July and then Yisong visited town and we did some hiking.