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Thursday, May 31st, 2007

A lot has happened since I last posted, probably because I hate blogging, but I figure if you got here, you should be kept up to date. I have put in my official end date of June 15th at Amazon and will be moving to sunny California to work at Palantir starting July 2nd. Lots to do with moving and finding a place to live and all that stuff.

Also, I got some Lasik last Friday. I have 20/20, but there are crazy halos around anything that is bright. Hopefully it clears up with healing, because it sucks. Pictures of my bruised eye to follow.

Yisong is back in Seattle which should be awesome. He is my number 1 guy.

I have finally dug through some of my pictures and have put up the whistler trip in February.
Whistler MountainPeople on trip

I will look into actually getting hosting for my site because it has been hella slow and I will be moving soon.

Also, I am late to the party, but icanhascheezburger rocks.
I'm in ur windoze