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Internet Ghetto is the ghetto of the internet. It is like angelfire and geocities all over again, only with people that are even dumber than back in the day. You were a nerd just for going near a computer in the mid 90’s. Also, 25% of the page loads are server error or refusing the tcp connection.
Yisong posted about taking personal info off sites like facebook and myspace. Some people have resorted to all out lying. One of my friends was asked almost exclusively about his myspace wall in an interview. I suggest you checkout his wall post about eating balls (after you remove all your personal info from your profile).

Look, here is a picure of my cat reading a book, then falling asleep. (It was actually a book on perl best practices. I guess cats aren’t into that.)
Kittay Reading a Book Kittay asleep from reading

3 Responses to “Internet Ghetto”

  1. I bet he wouldn’t have fallen asleep if you gave him the Ruby book instead.

  2. John Carrino says:

    No, she just isn’t that into programming, I’ve tried everything.

  3. casey carrino says:

    God I hate this fucking cat