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Fight For Air Climb

52 flights of stairs.  Estimated 775 ft vertical gain from the website.  Garmin says more like 715 ft.

10:04 unofficial time on my garmin.  I was shooting for around 10 min so I’m happy with this performance.
Assuming 700ft of up, this is 4200ft/hour.  This number is pretty low-key worthy.  Assuming I’m carrying a bike up the stairs (20lb) the equivalent ft/hr is 3700.
Adjusting it to be a 20 min climb instead of a 10 min one (subtract 5%) gets me about 3550fph or a 22 min OLH. Now I want to go do OLH and see if I can actually put up a 22 min effort.   That would be pretty sweet for not having trained on the bike at all.

Update: Official time 9:57!  feels good to beat the 10 min cutoff.  35th overall of 1010 people. 6th on the team.

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