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Day Twelve – Rome to Florence

Last day in Rome!  First day of John driving a stick (with 5 hours prior – EVER) in Italy!  Today we left our apartment in Rome, grabbed a rental car and headed to Florence.  Both John and I were anxious about this endeavor for different reasons.  I was nervous because of his low number of hours driving a stick shift accompanied with the craziness that is driving in Italy.  John was just nerved because I was nervous.  

It was a Sunday which was PERFECT for our first driving experience – hardly anyone was on the road.  John did an amazing job and got us to Florence 3 hours later.  

That night John found a unique restaurant about 15 minutes from our hotel.  First, they sit small parties together.  We were expecting to share a table with another couple, however we got lucky (as the place was PACKED) to get our table to ourselves.  Second, they don’t really have a menu.  The chef picks out a few options per course and you can choose from those, which your waiter tells you about.  

We took pictures of the courses.  First, we had prosciutto with melon, tomato bruschetta and a chicken liver topenade bruschetta.  Second course was a cheese and spinach ravioli, gnocchi with olives and peppery and then a vegetable “soup”.  Last course was prime rib, rabbit and chicken.  Clearly the photo of the last course shows how eager I was to put more food into my tummy.  At the end our meal, they brought us a dessert wine, a licorice flavored dessert wine and limoncillo accompanied with some biscotti.  We really enjoyed our meal there and will recommend it to anyone who plans to travel to Florence.   

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