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Day Eight – Rome

Today we took to downtown Rome for some tours around the Coliseum and Forum.  We had picked up food from the market downstairs the night before so we were able to make our own breakfast which you see in picture one: eggs, salami, bread and olives.  

We walked to the metro via the Spanish Steps.  There were many high end stores along the way, including a Prada store which had those horrible heels.  SO MANY THINGS WRONG.    This is also where we met our first pushy street vendor.  After pushing a rose into my hands (and he had to PUSH, i know better) and telling us it was a gift for the new happy couple he lingered and then asked John for some money.  When we said no  and gave the rose back, he told us we were a stupid couple.  We laughed and walked away.  

Our tour of the Coliseum was ok.  Our guide was extremely long winded which lead to some self entertainment, like stretching 🙂  You’ll see a picture of a group of kids walking around who were all around 4-5 years old.  Pretty ambitious field trip for some kinders, eh?  

After the Coliseum, we got a new guide who took us around the Roman Forum.  After our tour, we walked around the ruins for a bit, stopping into some exhibits before taking off.   


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