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Day six – Sorrento

Monday we decided to take a boat out to Sorrento.  The sky was a little overscast, so our boat ride was REALLY FUN. The first picture of me lunging is about 20 feet from where we docked.  We had to stop so I could keep from loosing my breakfast. If you look behind me you can see that Sorrento is up a cliff.  We could have taken a cab up, but it was a fairly easy climb up about 8 flights of stairs.  The second picture is from the top 🙂

We wondered around for an hour before finding a restaurant to have lunch.  Sorrento was described in John’s book as being a popular resort city – which it WAS.  The crowd was older and almost everyone spoke English.  While wondering I found advertisements for a dinner show that was performing that night, but we couldn’t stay to watch it because of travel issues getting back to Napoli.  Sad times for me 🙁

After lunch we decided there wasn’t much we wanted to see in Sorrento so we headed back down to the dock.  On our walk we noticed the clouds rolling in which you can see in the 4th photo.  The last photo is of John in the restaurant that we sat in for 2 hours while we waited for the storm to pass so we could take the boat back to Napoli.  Dramamine in hand, we got on the boat 2.5 hours later and slept for the hour long ride.  

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