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Day Five

Day 5 was super lazy and uneventful.  On Sunday we set out to travel to Caserta, the town where John’s Great Grandfather lived.  We took off in the mid morning to the train/bus station.  Our regular bus wasn’t in service since it was sunday so we had to cab it.  Once we got to Geribaldi (the station) it took us close to an hour to find out HOW we were going to get there and then buy passes.  We found out that we had to take a coach bus but then when we asked around for where to buy the bus passes all we got was “newspaper stand.”  We walked around for 20 minutes before going back and asking again and found we had walked passed the “newspaper stand” – Hudson News (that chain thats in all US airports) numersou times.  Silly us?

Tickets in hand we headed to the bus stop which was naturally in a sketchy area that smelled like (gasp) piss.  We stood for 40 minutes while John scowered the bus lines website for SOME sort of schedule.  Finally I took the phone and called the number listed.  An older man picked up who spoke NO english – except for – “I don’t speak English” to which I replied “I don’t speak Italian.”  We chuckled and John pulled out the translation dictionary.  I managed to get out what I was looking for and after translating what he answered with, we found that the next bus would get there at 5:05pm… it was 12:45pm.  Sooooo we gave up and headed back to the hotel.  Nothing like sundays/Italian time.  We tried to go to Castel Nouvo which was near our hotel, but again, Sunday got the best of us and they were closed.

We grabbed a big lunch, took a 4 hour nap, woke up, watched a movie and went back to sleep.  

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