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Day Three – Naples

Today was our first attempt to see a stage of the Giro.  After talking with our concierge, we hopped on a train from Napoli to Baiano which was about an hour away into the country.  Once we got to Baiano, we were scheduled to find a bus that would take us to Mercogliano.  After roaming around a small town for about 45 minutes looking for the bus stop, we decided to abort and hop on a train back to Napoli.  We were disappointed, however the risk of not getting back to the train station in enough time to make the last train outweighed all our other options.  


Once back in our hotel, we dropped our bags and headed out for some food.  We hadn’t eaten since breakfast (~8am) and it was 4pm and right at the end of Siesta so it was hard to find a restaurant that was open.  We found one where we weren’t allowed menus, just requests.  I ordered pasta Carbinara, and John ordered pasta in meat sauce.  The restaurant owner must have thought he could pull a fast one on us and brought me that NASTIEST carbinara I have ever seen.  My “meat” was just fat pieces of bacon fat that had been sauteed.  Imagine cubes of gristle.  It was disgusting.  John’s pasta wasn’t so bad.


During dinner we booked an evening van tour of Napoli.  After a quick nap we met our driver at 7:45 who took us on a scenic tour for about an hour and half.  The last 4 pictures are from that tour.  


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  1. Cassie says:

    I lovelove that picture of you two! Frame worthy fosho.