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Bariani Road Race

Place: Crashed
Category: 4
Race: Bariani Road Race
Team Mates: Dan
Field Size: 100
Conditions: nice day

Pretty lame race overall. Highlights include riding on narrow lanes,
being passed by semi-trunks in a pack of 100 squirrelly riders, being
overtaken by cars while an oncoming car was coming, and a huge crash
during the sprint.

Race was flat with one 2 min hill on it. Apparently there was a King
of the Mountain prize. Unfortunately this hill wasn’t steep enough to
break up the pack so it was 5 laps of chilling and getting passed by
cars followed by a huge crash. The cat 4 35+ group that started 5 min after us
did 4 laps and also had a huge crash in the very same spot just 20 min before we showed up.

I had a pretty spectactular crash.  The guy in front of me went down and I hit the brakes, but it was too late.  His bike was laid out in front of me and I hit it with my front wheel and went right over the bars.  I got some big air!  My many years of wrestling kicked in and I did a sweet front roll with the bike attached to my feet.  Since the bike was bacially sheilded by me, it was fine and I only had minor road rash on my back.

Now for some awesome crash pictures. I’m in the blue.

Whole sequence can be found here.

Animated gif found here.

Race stats:
time: 2:02
avg speed: 24.9 mph
elevation gain: 1400ft
distance: 50 miles
CTL: 53.9
TSB: 9.4


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