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Monterey CCCX Race #2

Place 4th
Category: 4
Race: Monterey CCCX
Team Mates: None
Field Size: 28
Conditions: nice day

After the last race I did on this course, I decided that sitting in
was best. It is tough for breaks to get away because something slows
you down after both of the climbs.

I did as little work as possible until the very end. My legs didn’t
feel great, but I was shooting for a top 5 finish. On the last lap, I
knew that on the last 2 hills I needed to get to the front before the
fast part and the bunch sprint. They moved the finish to just after
the really fast part on the course, so I knew that it was the front or

My legs didn’t feel great, but I went to the front on the last hill
and followed the guys hammering down. After the sweeping turn we hit
45+mph and set up for the sprint. I was in 6th or so heading into the
final stretch. I set up and launched my sprint at a good time.
Looking back maybe I should have waited 5 seconds longer.

I came out into the wind and gunned it. I was looking down and
drifted to the side of the road cause I wasn’t paying attention and
almost ended up in the bushes. I think I lost a position or two
because the brush on the side of the road was hitting my legs and I
had to stop peddling to stay on the road.

I’m happy with 4th cause I wanted to get top 5 and this was my first
legit bunch sprint.

Race stats:
time: 58:47
avg speed: 22.0 mph
elevation gain: 1400ft
distance: 21.5 miles
CTL: 53.7
TSB: 1.7

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