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Snelling Road Race

Place: DNF due to flat on first lap
Category: 4
Teammates: None
Field Size: 100
Conditions: Light rain and flooded roads

I flatted 8 miles into the race. Given that the first 3 miles were a
promenade, this was like 10 min into the actual race. The follow car
was not interested in fixing flats but seemed to be there for
emergencies. There were 35 DNP in my category, so that mechanic would
have been very busy.

The car passed me and I knew my race was over. I am not an expert at
tire changes and the first thing I did was snap one of my tire levers.
I calmed down and got the new tube installed and was back on the
bike. Maybe they would slow down. I time trialed in earnest for like
20 minutes and passed many others with flats. I was hoping they would
be quick changes and join the chase or at least give me a time split.
I think one guy said I was 3 minutes back. I picked up a fast rider
in the middle of the 2nd lap and we team time trialed until the end of
lap 3. We decided to sprint to the line so it seemed like we were
racing. I took 2nd.

All in all it was a crappy day for me, but I just picked up some new
tires so I’m hoping things will go better next time.

Race stats:
avg speed: 20.8 mph after flatting
elevation gain: 1300ft in rollers
distance: 30 miles
CTL: 51.6
TSB: 6.7

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