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Monterey CCCX Race

Place 7th
Category: 5
Race: Monterey CCCX
Teammates: None
Field Size: 35
Conditions: Drizzling before the race, but nice during

Lots of strong people out today and many I’ve never met before. The
hills were way more punishing than they looked on the topo map, but
they were still rollers at the end of the day and the pack didn’t
really break up on them. We did spit people out the back for the
first 3 laps until there was like 15-20 left to stick it out.

I just sat in most of the time and kept out the wind. I don’t think
people understood there was a crosswind on each of the climbs because
I seemed to be the only one stacked up on a diagonal. I figured that
I’d have that advantage at least at the end.

I made 3 mistakes in this race that took me off the podium. The first
was a big attack I dropped at the end of the 2nd to last lap. Did a
bunch of work with no result. The next is that I let an attack go
halfway through the last lap and didn’t go with when I had the option.
The last was to do a bunch of chasing of the 2 guys off the front near
the end of the last lap. I figured some of the other teams would do
some chasing, but they were happy to set up for 3rd. Lame!

Race stats:
time: 1:16:39
avg speed: 21.6 mph
elevation gain: 1700ft
distance: 25.5 miles
CTL: 50.8
TSB: -5

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