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Fremont Crit 5

Decent 7th place finish.

The whole fan base for team Palantir came out today!

Sat in the whole race and did pretty much zero work the whole time.
On the third to last lap one guy behind me got squeezed out on the
outside and went over the curb and crashed pretty bad. We came around
the last lap and the sprint before the sprint was pretty chill and I
made it into the 10 man group without much trouble. After people went
hard too early I waited and was about to sprint, but one of the guys
who blew up almost took out my front wheel and I wasn’t able to take
off and get into the top 5 like I expected. At least I saved my skin.

After the race I talked with Annie and apparently Dan hadn’t shown up
in the last 2 laps. I’m a pretty terrible teammate because I didn’t
know he was missing. They were worried he got caught up in the crash
so I went for another lap looking for him. Apparently he had flatted
and was chilling at the start/finish line. whew!

Photo Album:

Race stats:
time: 36:34
avg speed: 24.6 mph
elevation gain: negligible
distance: 15.1 miles
CTL: 51.9
TSB: -5
result: 7th

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