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Fremont Crit 4

This was a great race and win for team Palantir. Dan did a great
amount of work in the pack blocking for me and convincing the pack not
to chase.

The race started at a slow pace except for one dude that just hammered
it and opened up a nice lead on the pack. The guy behind me wasn’t
staying very close so after turn one it seemed like a good time to
bridge up. It took some effort to get on his wheel for sure, but I
took a rest and we got to work.

We kept looking back around the corners for the first few laps and
eventually we didn’t see the pack. We were consistently putting up
about 3:20 per lap and I knew that the pack could do 3:05 if it was
hammering. When the 5 laps left went up I was hoping that that we had
over a minute so we could hold them off when they decided to chase.

Dan had been doing such an awesome job of blocking that we were kept
gaining time on the splits. The picture below shows how great Dan is distrupting the pack from chasing.

On the final lap before turn 3, Christian was nice enough to give me the win. I’ve
been practicing my victory salute.

Photo Album:

Race stats:
time: 36:40
avg speed: 24.5 mph
elevation gain: negligible
distance: 15 miles
CTL: 53.3
TSB: -18.4
result: 1st


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