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China Day 1

Shanghai is an awesome city. It’s too bad we didn’t get much time to enjoy it or the nightlife. I got in around 9pm and after a bus ride and cab ride, we were at the hotel just after 10. We had some food and got some sleep.

I had tried to fight the jet lag, but I was up at 6am the next morning and went around looking for a coffee shop, but nothing was open yet. We took a cab down to the Bund but the river trips didn’t start till 10am. We got some breakfast and hung out in the restaurant for a while because they had air conditioning and it was hot and really humid out. After the boat trip we hung out at the Jade Garden area and bought some souvenirs and a lot of food. We caught the night train to Beijing at 7pm and that was a 12 hour ride that got us into Beijing at 7:15am.

We took the subway then a taxi to Yisong’s grandparents’ house. We had breakfast, showered up and found an open wireless connection. Now we are about to head out and buy more cheap stuff and hang out in Beijing.

Check out the pictures of Shanghai here

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