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Are you kidding me?!?!?!!!

So, i just got home and Microsoft sent me a replacement Xbox. A replacement means that the games I bought on Xbox Live probably would not work. I attached my Hard Drive and hooked it up ready to be frustrated about my TMNT and Settlers of Catan not working. I hit the on button and it begins to hum. I sync up a controller, and then it throws up the red ring of death.

They sent me a different Xbox that had red ring of death! This is not cool! I just bought an HD copy of “Knocked Up”, but now I can’t play it in HD, because my Xbox is dead. I just bought Orange Box and Halo3, but I can’t play that either. Also, they sent me a 1-month card for Xbox Live. Great, that is great considering that I had a Live subscription for the 6+ months that my Xbox was out of commission.

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