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S Williams, Thank you; DHL, I still hate you

OK, so DHL delivered my new Dell laptop to B Wilson on the 9th of August. Dell shipped me a new laptop and DHL fucking delivered that one to S Williams. WTF? DHL sucks so bad. The good news is that S Williams was nice enough to leave my Dell box on my doorstep, so when I came home to try to track down my laptop, I was very pleasantly surprised to find it. So now I have my new laptop and am writing this blog post on it and life is good. Also I hate DHL.

Some more good news, I went climbing recently and have put some more pictures up on my gallery.

2 Responses to “S Williams, Thank you; DHL, I still hate you”

  1. Leo says:

    Heeeeey. How are *you* doing?

  2. Just googled your last name and found your website. Obviously, I share your last name so I just thought I would drop you a line. I noticed that you work with computers. and I thought that was interesting because I am in the same business. Anyway, not tryin to bug you, just thought it would be interesting to say hello