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Why can’t anyone do their job right?

I have been noticing a trend lately with companies I interact with. None of them can do their job right. I will provide 4 recent examples that all happened in the last 2 months. There are many other smaller things, but I am just mentioning the big things.

Just yesterday, DHL delivered my new dell laptop to someone named B Wilson. No one in my apartment complex is named B Wilson, furthermore I suspect it may have been delivered to Redwood City instead of Mountain View. Check out the DHL tracking number here. Fucking B Wilson is probably loving his new 2GB laptop.

Comcast had to come to my house 4 times to get my internet and TV working. FOUR TIMES. And now my internet is starting to flake and I don’t get 2 of the HD channels that I pay for. Also they didn’t cancel my Seattle service, even though I physically showed up at the comcast store to return my cable cards and told them to cancel it. The comcast rep out here said it was “canceled on paper, but not actually canceled”. WTF?

I don’t even want to get into Anytime Relocation, holy shit. See my other posts ranting about them.

United Heath care had some of my medical insurance funds locked up from when they acquired definity health. I had 2 “rapid resolution specialists” help, one said that the funds just didn’t show up and they would automatically be drawn out. Obviously I didn’t get my money as expected; the other specialist told me that my money was frozen and they will work on thawing it for when I filed a claim. I told them i had already claimed it and they need to get me my money and they said that they would work on thawing it and to get back to them.

In summary, companies try to extract money from you by being retarded and hope you just take it. I suggest that you do not.

In other news, my camera is back and completely fixed. It’s like having a new camera. Pictures will come soon.

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