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Back To Seattle

I am headed back Today, Friday Aug 03, for “BIRTHSTRAVAGANZA 2007”. Haven’t heard of it? It is the birthday party of Lusk being 24 and Dennis being 25 a day later. They have a keg and a couch and I figure it’s a good excuse to see what’s been up for the last month. Crazy Andy should be moved into his condo by now and I’ll have to check that out.

If you miss me on this trip, I’ll be back in Seattle again on Friday, September 14th for a Palantir event. We will be showing our friends in Seattle what we have been up to lately. It is a really rocking demo and should be a fun night also. If you want an invite, just shoot me a mail.

One Response to “Back To Seattle”

  1. Crazy Andy says:

    Dude I am on your blog like grease on a Dick’s Deluxe burger.