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google Strikes again

The google branding is nuts. I can’t beleive people buy into their crap. Check this post out. The gist is that google has the coolest strategy for maintaining their talent pool. First he plots people on a linear scale of talent, then says more restrictive strategies graph better than less restrictive stategies. With ideas like this, only the dumbest of computer scientists would think google has any good ideas left.

“OMG, i got an offer from google, they have the best hiring bar, I must be so cool like google.” If you were that cool, you could get a job at a better company than google. Think about it, they are hiring thousands of engineers a year and will just stick you on some bogus project that makes no money. When google goes under, you will be asked by a real company how to scale a system and you will be like, “I don’t know jack about that, they only let smart people work on that”.

To top it off, the “Lake Wobegon Effect” is the effect where most people think they are above the median. Maybe google is blinded by their own ridiculous branding to see that there just aren’t enough smart people around to keep their hiring bar as high as they think it is.

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